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Alight Mod APK

What is Alight Motion Pro?

Alight Motion Mod APK is an application to create Graphics, Visual effects and as well as animation on your smartphone. It is the only best app to create animations on Android devices. It is a free Application provided by Alight Creative Inc.. Alight Motion Pro is the world's first app for motion designing. It also supports Multiple layer for Graphics and motion designing. Also Alight Motion Pro Provides you complete library of vectors also for freehand illustrations.

Alight Motion Mod APK

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  • Why Alight Motion Pro?

    AM Pro : if you guys are lover of making Animations and Graphics designing then Alight Motion Mod APK is the best application to handle your tasks. It has visual effects to make the graphic designing more interesting. One of best feature of Alight Motion Pro without watermark Mod Apk is the Key Frame feature. Key Frame helps you to edit motion frame by frame. You can easily customize the size and shape of the object in any frame. Color adjustment is available, you can adjust colors of a particular thing in the object and customize much more.

    Alight Motion Pro Unlocked Features:

    Alight Motion APK No Watermark [without watermark] :- A lot of visual effects are available in Alight Motion Mod Apk. Custom Aspect ratio for the images and video. Blending mode helps you to add varity of layers in the objects. Also you can crate Vector Graphics with the help of Alight Motion Mod Apk & even much more features are present

    Alight Motion Mod APK

    Keyframe Animation

    It is one of the best and interesting feature of Alight Motion Mod Apk. Keyframe is the frame by frame video animation that you can edit frame by frame. You can add custom elements and edit one frame at a time of the video animation, means you will be able to edit your animation video in detail. There are a lot of elements are available in the app itself that you can add in the animation video frame. Position of the object can also be changed frame by frame. Alight Motion Pro offers you the absolute control to edit a complete animation video.

    Visual Effects

    Effects in the animation video gives a next level look to your video, So AM Pro Mod APK offers you inbuilt Visual Effects to use in the motion graphic vidoes. There are a 1000s of Visual effects available in store like Hot color, exposer, colour tune, highlights and shadows, clouds, etc and much more. You can easily use these video effects in your animation. This gives your animation video and great look. Tune color can help you to tune the video animation color. You can also control the exposer in the video by applying these all visual effects.

    Blending Modes

    Blending modes in the video helps to add multiple layers and to adjust shape and size of layers. Alight Motion Mod Apk (AM Mod) allows you to add multiple layers with Blending Mode options. These options are used to adjust the layers with each others. Opacity of layers can also be changed, you can change according to your choice. These are tons of presets available for the blending modes in alight motion pro app itself.

    Vector Graphics

    Vector Graphics helps you to make the animation video with the help of Vector Graphics. Vectors are really cool and minimilistic images that you can animate in Alight Motion Mod APK. These are the image scetches in the in 2D or 3D shapes that you can add in the animation video. You can be able to animate the vector images in the video Graphics. Create your custom vector images and animate in the animation video.


    Alight Motion Pro Apk : [AM Pro APK] offers you 2000+ inbuilt fonts in the app that you can use in your video as the text layers. Add text in the Graphic animation video and you can easily animate the text in various forms. Multiple fonts are available, you can easily make your text font really cool and attractive. There are thousands of fonts available but still if you want to use your custom text font then you can also add your own text font.

    Export Formats

    This is an amazing thing of Alight Motion Premium Apk that you can export in multiple formats of video.You can also export a particular image frame from the video. There are a lot of video and animation formats available to export your animated videos. Available formats are MP4 (video), GIF, XML, PNG, JPEG, etc. You can easily export your animated videos in these available formats. You can easily share these files in any of platform in multiple formats.

    Alight Motion YouTube -

    Want to learn how to use Alight Motion Pro? Then here is the official YouTube channel of Alight Motion Inc. You can watch tutorials from beginner to advanced level. Just go to the Official Alight Motion YouTube Channel given below

    Alight Motion

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    Alight Motion Pro

    v5.0.260 || 150MB

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    Alight Motion v5.0.260

    Be part of the movement! Alight Motion is the first professional motion design app bringing you professional-quality animation, motion graphics, visual effects, video editing, video compositing, and more!

    Alight Motion Pro

    Alight Motion App is a FREE android application but the premium version of Alight Motion Pro APK is paid inplay store, But here on our site we are providing you the Premium version of Alight Motion without watermark APK for absolutely free. This is the modded version of Alight Motion Mod APK for Android, premium unlocked apk so, You can download the Alight Motion Pro Apk form our site. Later we discuss about the Premium features of this app. It is one of the Best video editing app for android device. Also Alight Motion pro is the one the highest rated [4.3 ⭐] app on Play Store

    Alight Motion Mod APK

    Modded Features of Alight Motion Pro

    How To Install Alight Motion Mod APK:

    Now, comes to the installation part. installation of Alight Motion Mod Apk is really simple and easy, just follow these few steps given in the graphic image below and the Alight Motion Pro will be successfully installed in your Android Smartphone

    Follow the steps given below to install Alight Motion Pro APK:

    Alight Motion PC / Windows

    Alight Motion For PC/Windows

    If You guys love to edit videos and want to make High Graphics animation videos in the big screen that is in your PC or Laptop. So it is also possible to install Alight Motion Pro on PC as well. Just Click the Link button given below to install it on PC.

    User Reviews

    AXE ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

    This app is amazing! I use it for most of my editing and it has really improved my work! It is a little tricky to use at first, but once you get the hang of it, its no problem! Other than that, I give this app 10/10, 5 stars!

    Amy Will ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

    It's better than other video editing apps , and much easier , I prefer the beginners of editing buy this app, because you get to know it easier and it's way fun. It's just like video star, but way easier and really great. I prefer to install this app, it has amazing features. I really appreciate this app

    Ksdobrik ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

    I love Alight Motion, it's amazing and always makes my video edits look great. I recently got a membership, that's how much I love it. The keyframe features is really amazing and motion blur like advanced features makes it a really great app. Thanks to Developer


    Final Words

    Alight Motion Pro (AM Pro): So, Guys I hope you liked our article as well as download the Alight Motion Mod APK (AM Mod) for your smartphone. In my personal opinion, this is the best ever application to make Animation, Motion Graphics, Vector Videos & etc. Alight Motion Pro is offered by Alightcreative. There are a lot advanced and professional features that are normally found in PC software but you can use these features in your smartphone as well. Alight Motion is the no. 1 graphics & animation editing app on Play Store Currently. So That's it... Thanks for visiting our

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